Khushab Dhoda
Khushab Dhoda is Pakistan NO#1 Quality Dhoda. We delivered Dhoda and Pateesa all over the Pakistan. For order and details

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Special Dhoda

and Special Pateesa. It is a traditional sweet delicacy from the Khushab district of Punjab, Pakistan.Dhoda is celebrated for its chewy texture and the delightful crunch of nuts in each bite, making it a beloved treat in Khushab and beyond.

Special Pateesa

is known for its delicate layers that melt in the mouth, offering a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. This treat is often enjoyed during festivals, celebrations, and as a delightful snack.

Special Barfi

Our Plain Barfi is an all-time favourite, loved by people of all ages. It is perfect for celebrating special occasions or enjoying as a delightful treat any time of the day. The subtle sweetness and smooth texture make it a perfect dessert to serve after a spicy meal.


Khushabi Phenia

is a traditional dessert from the Khushab district in Pakistan, particularly known for its unique taste and texture. This delicacy is often enjoyed during festive occasions such as Eid and weddings. Here's a detailed look at Khushabi phenia: